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MAI Announcement
MAI Announcement
“Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) portal has gained its popularity and usefulness in a short period of one year. Since its launching in July 2011, the portal has reached over 3 million “hits” to date, demonstrating the interest shown by both the automotive community and the public at large on the development and progresses made in our automotive industry. MAI will continue to improve the portal bringing relevant automotive news and articles to keep the nation informed of happenings within the automotive industry both locally and abroad. MAI would like to express its appreciation for the support given thus far, thank you.”

MAI is introducing a short and extensive customized upskilling programme to provide relevant industrial exposure for engineering graduates keen to enter the automotive employment arena in consultation with the automotive industry players, at the same time to support the industries to develop competent engineers in their respective specialization in design, quality and processes.

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       2.   Automotive Graduate Apprenticeship Programme

As to support the human capital development initiatives, MAI has created the Automotive Graduate Apprenticeship Programme which aims to inculcate fresh graduates with relevant knowledge, skills, experience and culture focusing in automotive manufacturing capability in order to meet industry expectation.

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3.   Aligning Global Automotive Trends to Your Strategic Business Plan 

A comprehensive strategic business model which includes technologies enabling, good business practices, and industry-specific process models which shall lead companies towards low-cost, flexible, rapid and efficient business operation.

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4.    Malaysia Automotive Economic Trends and Outlook 2012

The Malaysia Automotive Economic Trends and Outlook 2012 provides in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the macro-economic of Malaysia which includes such as Malaysia’s GDP growth, income per capita, foreign exchange, inflation rate and others.

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5.    Global Automotive Trends and Challenges Report 2011/2012

A comprehensive report that examines the key trends and challenges in the automotive industry globally with the inclusion of  production, sales and even export performance of the automotive industry encompassing broad coverage of the market including ASEAN, BRIC and triad market.

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