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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

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Automotive Industry

Respond Quickly to Technology and Process Change As an Automotive manufacturer, you’re at the forefront of a transportation revolution not seen since the earliest days of the industry. The growing demand for alternative vehicles, configured to local market needs and offer reduced emissions and higher fuel economy can only be met through product innovation and technological advancement. The demand for consistent innovation and rapid, continuous change requires a new standard for manufacturing agility and flexibility on a global scale – a standard that dictates relentless focus on production efficiency, delivery of zero-defect products and mastery of supporting emerging market expansion.

The DELMIA Apriso Automotive Industry solution helps you address these challenges by providing real-time visibility of manufacturing KPI’s coupled with actionable control over your manufacturing and supply chain operations. You can introduce new manufacturing process configurations and improvements as often as needed, and then securely distribute to each of your global operations. The DELMIA Apriso Professional Services team and alliance partner network enable Automotive manufacturers to rationalize and replace their complex web of legacy and disparate systems with a comprehensive, platform-based operations management solution. Implement Apriso to streamline processes, reduce time to global market and time to volume while ensuring consistent, exceptional product quality.

Manage Increasing Complexity

Whether you a high-volume / low mix or a low-volume / high mix Automotive manufacturer, the demand for new model variants from existing platforms will continue to grow. Increasingly, it will be necessary to simultaneously address production efficiencies while delivering defect-free products in ever smaller batch sizes – up to and including an “Order of One.” DELMIA can help you better manage these production processes by precisely synchronizing material requirements and movements with production schedules to insure customer-order availability and the highest material management efficiency.

  • Deliver line-side electronic visualization of order-specific Work Instructions and CAD drawings
  • Drive directed manufacturing processes through OPC-certified integration to shop floor equipment, conveyer systems and in-line, order-specific quality measurement systems
  • Support sequenced production scenarios, including sub-assembly to main-line, kitting operations to sub-assembly and main-line and ship-to-sequence requirements


Why Apriso?

Synchronize material flows with production on a global scale

Accelerate large-scale deployments with proven, standardized best practices while meeting local needs

Improve manufacturing efficiency with industry-leading real-time visibility and control capabilities

Increase flexibility, achieve rapid implementation, lower IT costs and simplify continuous quality improvement initiatives with a BPM-based platform

Accelerate new product introduction while decreasing time-to-global-market and time-to-volume

Reduce total cost of IT ownership by replacing disparate IT applications across the enterprise


A Solution for Manufacturing

Operations Excellence Dassault Systèmes – through its DELMIA Apriso offerings – is the only company that can offer a process-based solution for global manufacturing operations management that empowers you to track, trace, manage and control all elements of manufacturing operations both within your company and across your product supply network. Apriso extends the value of ERP, PLM and other enterprise business systems by closing the loop between design, planning and execution. By establishing a cohesive framework to share and improve processes, Apriso solutions best serve the needs of global manufacturers across their operations and extended product supply network. Apriso solutions provide the visibility and control to proactively detect potential operations disruptions quickly, so your facilities can run with greater efficiency while continuing to respond quickly to change. Implement Apriso individually or as an entire Automotive manufacturing solution.

Adapt Quickly with a Process-based Solution

DELMIA Apriso solutions provide Automotive manufacturers with a Business Process Management (BPM) framework for global Manufacturing Operations Management
(MOM). This means every Apriso application shares a common, unified data model for improved responsiveness to change – across functions and sites. Quickly define and continuously improve production, quality, inventory, and maintenance processes, among others, with an Apriso solution:

  • Maintain brand integrity in emerging markets and joint venture operations by defining global, standardized best practice processes deployed to site-specific requirements
  • Define, update and deploy processes easily, enabling you to adapt and respond quickly to customer demand shifts, unplanned events and competitive opportunity


Deliver Consistent Product Quality

Today’s competitive Automotive manufacturing marketplace demands consistent delivery of best in class quality across globally distributed operations. The complexity of delivering consistent quality is multiplied exponentially when managing Joint-Venture operations in one or more emerging BRIC markets. DELMIA solutions have been “production hardened” from numerous global deployments, so are highly capable in supporting the most stringent quality requirements that are demanded by leading Automotive manufacturers.

  • Interlocking traceability and genealogy incorporates processes, materials, equipment, tools, labor and supplier attributes to provide comprehensive root cause analysis and reduce warranty claim exposure
  • Directed manufacturing processes enforce inline error-proofing for manual and machine-based tasks to elevate overall product quality
  • Comprehensive containment management capabilities can isolate a “spill” via any combination of tracked manufacturing characteristic, helping to contain costs and minimize exposure to out-of-spec materials


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